Indian Hospitals healthcare system is developing rapidly and continues to expand its coverage, services and expenditure in the public as well as private sectors. This is creating a large market for Hospital Managment Systems and other healthcare & related IT Hospital solutions. Healthcare organizations are increasingly depend on Hospitality software to improving processes and make critical decisions. Summary has strong and endless presence in “HealthCare Industries”. The expand knowledge of Healthcare and Medical technology domain and high level software expertise helps around the clock of administer the need of its customers and management. Our many years hard working with healthcare information technology experience, we have developed a broad range of health care software and web portal services. Hind Technology offerings addressing the trends and challenges faced by healthcare Small and large scale enterprises.

What Our Software Product Offer in Health Care :
  • Hospital Information Management Systems
  • Physician/Patient Management system
  • Clinical Knowledge Management, Disease Management and Claims Administration
  • Clinical Systems Development(Revenue Cycle Management and Billing systems) and Testing
  • Enterprise Portal and Content Management Solutions
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Collective assessment of patients’ clinical records
  • Minimal paper work and filing
  • Easy retrieval of history information
  • Data can be made available at single mouse click
  • Information availability across department
  • Data security through user management
  • Personalized master data for efficient usage
  • Predefined formats and templates to save time
  • Regional language option for better understanding for patients.

About us

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